Today there is very little “constant” and
keeping up with continuous change is a must.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to thrive, as the focuses keep moving. You need a ‘team’ of experts to help you research and seek out the opportunities, provide innovative ideas and create niche products to customers on a regular basis.

Product ranges must be relevant and meet consumers desires. Creativity is essential to capture and hold consumer interest. You must understand your competition and understand your customer.

Through these elements, we will inspire a passionate desire for consumers to buy and keep your company in a leadership position.

Our Services

Sales Distribution Solutions

Sales and distribution is not merely about aiming, it’s about hitting the target! Why do it on your own when you can have experts help you and save you time, money and frustration? We already have strong trust relationships that know we are dedicated, smart, partnership players who create business growth.

Our Services

Product Development & Sourcing

We can help you expand your brand or work with you to create private label jewelry of exceptional value to retailers along with extraordinary service. Discover how we can help your company create and manufacture the right product at the right value.

Our Services

Market Development & Merchandising

We deliver results through focused, comprehensive retail solutions for a variety of leading manufacturers and retail partners. We can help you leverage every advantage available to achieve success in the competitive retail world. Find out more how we can help you advance and improve your business.

Our Services

Mentoring for Emerging Jewelry Designers & Brands

Catering to the next best emerging jewelry designers and brands is our contribution to our industry. Many businesses are tough but the jewelry business tends to be more difficult. This is just the way it is. Don’t worry. Success is there but working with experts to help you in this area will ensure you path to succeed.

Our Services

Expert Business Matching in the Jewelry Category

Focus on both sides of the market creates opportunities for both sides. This will save everyone time, money and increase their business. We provide opportunities. Giving the buyers the best resources will give them the best sales and relevance.